2018 World Cup Stadium in Samara

By | 24/11/2012

Location of new Stadium for 2018 World Cup in city of Samara went through serious changes from the moment of announcing intent to participate in event. Initially chosen scenic location on stretch of the land where two rivers: Volga and Samara meet, inspected and approved by FIFA had to be canceled. After tragic events in city of Krimsk, where from flood over 100 people died, president of Russia V.V.Putin implemented new strict requirement for building such objects as stadiums. Located near body of water complexes must be elevated at least 8 meters above water level.

To satisfy these requirements we would have to invest tens and tens of milliards of rubles, — explained  Merkushkin (region’s governor). — Using these money we can rebuild not only city of Samara but entire region.

Stadium location have been moved to north-east of the city, near Radio-center. New arena is planned for 45,000 seats and budgeted at 13.5 mlrd rubles. Obviously that such grandiose plans will create an economic boost to fairly empty region.

new stadium location samara

Фото: Владимир Сверкалов

According to information published on city portal:

Territory where arena will be build, marked in auction materials for construction bidding, published on site zakupki.gov. According to auction documentation, arena building location is bordered by Moscow shosse, Tashenskaya st., Democratic st., Volzhskoe shosse and Rakitovskoe shosse. Total area is 27 hectares.  Base cost of the contract is priced at 879 million rules. Bidding begins on November 30. Entire project must be completed in 3.5 years (41 month from the date of signing contracts).  Stadium should accommodate 45,000 seats on 2 or 3 levels and according to FIFA regulations, 100% of all seats must be covered by roof.  According to auction conditions, during design two main objectives has to be accounted for: usage of arena during 2018 World Cup and its usage after the event.  To achieve second objective architect must account for removal of 10,000 seats “for effective usage during period after WC 2018”. Besides project must account for parking space to accommodate 9,000  cars. Maximum cost of the project should not exceed 13,523 milliard rubles.

Bidding begins on November 30, all bids will be opened on December 17 and final decision will be made on December 24. Following this timeline we will learn full details of future construction before New Year.

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